Purchasing a dental practice

Have you been working as an associate for a while and want to take that next step towards fulfilling your dream of owning your own dental practice?

Or do you want to relocate your existing practice?

Strictly Confidental have many years of experience in this field and we have a sterling reputation for providing advice and information for successfully purchasing new premises for a practice.

Give us your wish-list of what you are looking for: location, size, etc. You can leave the rest to us.

Some things we like our clients to think about are:

  • what post codes do you want to consider?
  • is ground access important or not?
  • parking availability – is this a necessity?
  • are you looking to own or lease?
  • NHS or private?

We do all the groundwork to let you get on with your day-to-day work while we source the relevant information for your new venture.

Strictly Confidental will go through every detail with you and offer advice when purchasing a practice:

  • find a good commercial lawyer
  • lodge note of interest
  • contact your financial institution
  • requirements for lending
  • current property survey report
  • equipment valuation
  • goodwill valuation
  • three years accounts of proposed acquisition
  • personal banking details


Many thanks for your help in finding me the practice in Parnie Street. I firstly appreciated your confidentiality regarding the practice purchase and my own circumstances at that time. I must secondly thank you for your vision regarding the practice at Parnie Street. When I first saw it, I was not impressed. But I remember you persuading me I would turn it around and you were correct. I have managed to increase the practice turnover 500% in 7 years, so I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and foresight. A third thank you for the professional way you have looked after colleagues I have recommended to you. They have been equally delighted with the excellent service you provide.

Nick McLuskey