I was delighted with the service and support I received from Strictly Confidental when selling one of my dental practices. Patricia and the team found the prospective purchaser, arranged introductions, liaised over arrangements and negotiations and generally made sure that the whole process was smooth and efficient. I would thoroughly recommend the services of Confidental.

Andrew Meek Andrew Meek Dental Care, Lenzie

Having known Patricia for over 30 years, we have no hesitation in wholeheartedly recommending her services to other members of the dental profession. Patricia and her team have served us professionally on several occasions and we have always found them to be exceptionally well informed, knowledgeable and discreet, bringing their wealth of experience to any transaction.

We will undoubtedly make use of their talents in future and endorse their services, without reservation, to others

Robbie and Patricia Thomson Greygables Dental Surgery, East Kilbride

We have worked with Strictly Confidental for the past 5 years on a number of different projects to develop our business and we are now the largest practice in the Highlands. From the early process valuing our old practice, acquiring our new practice and the recruitment of experienced clinical staff that meet our practice ethos, through to the development of a successful business, Strictly Confidental has offered me an excellent level of service.

Strictly Confidental has always been able to offer a wide range of options, working with us to find the best possible option we felt suited our needs. We received advice and support in the evenings and at weekends allowing us to develop our plans whilst continuing to practice. Their vast experience, her attention to detail, and knowledge of the local market is invaluable. I can thoroughly recommend Strictly Confidental and would not hesitate to work with them again in the future.

Gregor J Muir BDS, MFGDP, DPDS, DipPCOrthRCS (Eng) M & S Dental Care Ltd, Fort William

After working for over 40 years in the profession and being Principal Dentist for 29 years, it is with some trepidation, as retirement approaches, you face the prospect of selling your Practice and moving on. The thought “If anyone could pull all the strings together and present me with the facts” went through my mind. This is where Strictly Confidental comes in. It is a niche product. Patricia, whom I have known for many years, inspires honesty and trust.

The team at Strictly Confidental provide a thoroughly professional service which I can only admire. Strictly Confidental has an “ear to the ground” approach which has been acquired and honed over many years of working intimately with the profession. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of Strictly Confidental.

Alex Everingham, Retired Principal Dental Surgeon and Practice Owner Clarkston Toll

My friend and now business partner Paul both had the dream of owning our own dental practice together, but as it’s generally a once a lifetime purchase we knew nothing about the daunting process of purchasing a dental practice and felt we needed guiding through this very complex process. A fellow colleague passed us Strictly Confidental’s details and after meeting the team, we quickly realised that they are experts in the field with the experience to match.

Their skills lie in not only knowing what is up for sale but also what is coming onto the market, and it takes someone to keep her ear-to-the-ground on your behalf, so that you get the best practice suited for you in the right area. They have built up an experienced team of professionals to help smooth the process of buying or selling, with various banks, solicitors, accountants, printing/design and tradesmen. They know who is best-suited to help in any given situation. Their background is in representing dental supply companies, which means that over their careers they have visited more practices than I've given MOD fillings.

This experience is invaluable in helping the new practice owner decide what level of internal decoration or re-branding is needed, first impressions are of a practice and what type of patient you can expect to attract. Strictly Confidental’s expertise and experience is very reassuring to have on your side when there are any aspects of negotiating to be done. And let’s face it; with every deal there are certain important and sensitive aspects to discuss. Strictly Confidental met us regularly before any such meetings took place to prep us and hold our hands throughout the entire process.

Whether you're buying or selling, there is nobody who knows the dental market better than Strictly Confidental does. At the end of the process we not only have the practice we dreamed of, we’ve also gained a good friend and mentor in Trisha.

Paul McAllister and Gareth McMorrow BDS Lansdowne Dental Care, Glasgow

I have known Trisha Munro for more years than she will care to remember, and I can truly say that few people have similar experience, knowledge or understanding of the dental industry in Scotland.

She is totally trustworthy, honest and reliable, traits sadly lacking in a modern world which seems to accept 'spin' as the norm. You will not be anything else but happy with the service she and Strictly Confidental supplies.

Hector C Brodie BDS MFGDP Tillicoultry

Many thanks for your help in finding me the practice in Parnie Street. I firstly appreciated your confidentiality regarding the practice purchase and my own circumstances at that time. I must secondly thank you for your vision regarding the practice at Parnie Street. When I first saw it, I was not impressed. But I remember you persuading me I would turn it around and you were correct. I have managed to increase the practice turnover 500% in 7 years, so I cannot thank you enough for your wisdom and foresight. A third thank you for the professional way you have looked after colleagues I have recommended to you. They have been equally delighted with the excellent service you provide.

Nick McLuskey

Never having sold a practice before and with retirement approaching, the thorny problem of what to do and how to go about it raised its head. Having known Trisha for over 30 odd years, I had no hesitation in contacting Strictly Confidental to handle the sale. Their local knowledge of the dental market in Scotland is unrivalled, and Strictly Confidental always seems to have their finger on the pulse. Their list of contacts, both dental and the other professions necessary to buy or sell a practice proved essential, necessary and helpful. I found their advice and service to be prompt, highly professional, totally trustworthy and entirely confidential. Would I recommend Trisha and Strictly Confidental to other dentists? Most definitely!

Rodney W Bidwell

Having known Patricia for over 30 years, we have no hesitation in wholeheartedly commending her services to other members of the dental profession. Strictly Confidental has served us professionally on several occasions and we have always found them to be exceptionally well informed, knowledgeable and discrete bringing their wealth of experience to any transaction.

We will undoubtedly make use of their talents in future and endorse her services, without reservation, to others

Robbie and Patricia Thomson Greygables Dental Surgery, East Kilbride

We have known Patricia for many years and have always found her to be most helpful, professional and completely trustworthy. She carried out a practice valuation for us a number of years ago to our complete satisfaction. Therefore, we would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone considering using the services of Strictly Confidental.

John and Ismay Duncan Campbeltown

The service from Strictly Confidental was excellent. The valuation was done out of hours and was conducted very professionally.

Gordon R Matthews BDS, Paisley

After a meeting with our accountant where we decided to sell one of our Practices so we could concentrate on expanding the other, she suggested we contact Strictly Confidental. We had talked about selling for years but had always found obstacles and reason to delay the main ones being uncertainty as to how difficult it would be to sell and what the best way to start would be. The team at Strictly Confidental was very professional and took control of all aspects of the sale, advising us every step of the way.

More importantly they found 3 interested buyers, one of whom eventually bought it, and although I can’t say it was without problems and hitches, their boundless energy, enthusiasm and experience helped support us through it. I would have no hesitation in recommending Strictly Confidental to anyone who is thinking of selling a practice but is reluctant to set the ball rolling because they are worried about the whole process or the outcome. Strictly Confidental helped us to achieve a better work / life balance and I honestly don't think we could have done it without them.

Una and John Blessing BDS Hamilton

I once asked an experienced dental colleague, who I respected and trusted, what he thought the first step should be when buying a dental practice. He answered without hesitation: ‘Call Trisha’.

My business partner Paul McAllister and I have utilised Trisha’s services to buy both of our practices. […] She not only knows the dental market inside out, but her experience and advice is invaluable. From the very first meeting, Trisha listened to the vision we had for our future and what style of dentistry we wanted to practice. Her experience, knowledge and trust made the whole process much smoother and enjoyable. I couldn’t even imagine buying a practice without Trisha on my team.

One of most useful aspects of Trisha’s service in my opinion is that she acts for both the seller and buyer; this means that she can quickly and effectively communicate with both parties and keep the whole buying or selling process on track and on time and all parties agreeable.

I genuinely can’t recommend Trisha and her Strictly Confidental business highly enough, and having been through the process twice already, I can call Trisha a friend to have a lunch with to bounce ideas off or just put the world to rights. And that says it all.

Gareth McMorrow, speaking to Scottish Dental Magazine in November 2016

I had absolutely no idea how to go about buying a dental practice. I had tried looking online and in various publications but I wasn’t getting anywhere fast. A friend then recommended Trisha at Strictly Confidental. Trisha came out to meet with my wife Hazel and I at home and explained the entire process to us. I learned more in one meeting with Trisha than months of trying to do my own research.

Trisha has a whole network of experts, which she has cultivated over many years that she can put you in touch with. Her contacts have all worked with dentists in similar circumstances many times before and understand the restrictions our job entails. I managed to arrange almost all of the necessary meetings after work and Trisha was always available on evenings and weekends if I had any questions.

The whole process has been such a team effort and it couldn’t have happened without the hard work of so many people, to whom we are extremely grateful, not least Strictly Confidental, who were with us every step of the way.

Pearse Hannigan, speaking to Scottish Dental Magazine in April 2017

I was first offered a partnership in December 2015. […] Although I was thrilled, I had no idea what to do next, so I called up a few of my old university flatmates, both whom had bought practices over the years. Luckily for me, both had bought their practices through Trisha Munro from Strictly Confidental so for me it was very reassuring that I could trust her.

Trisha set up a very informative meeting early on a Saturday morning, out of surgery times, and guided me through the process of becoming a partner, all the steps and how much it was all going to cost. It was all very overwhelming. I was a practitioner, not a business person. However, Trisha has her contacts and, after being given a lot of options, we assembled our team. She was my project manager.

Trisha, being the workaholic she is, was there for me even at 10pm at night. She was always there to reassure me, to guide me. […] It was an epic journey, one that I couldn’t have done without Trisha. If I had to do it all over again I wouldn’t have changed anything.

Martin Chan, speaking to Scottish Dental Magazine in April 2018

“Trisha had been recommended to a friend by her accountant, and I felt that contacting her to arrange a meeting would be a good starting point with regard to my own practice – I wouldn’t have known where to start otherwise!”


Trisha recommended a financial adviser, accountants and solicitors as well as introducing her to trusted suppliers who have helped her equip the practice and get it ready for the practice inspection.

“As well as all of these introduction and recommendations, she has been on hand as often as I need her to answer questions, guide me in the right direction with regard to the timing of each stage of the process and also provide friendly support. Had I done all of this without Trisha, I believe the whole process would have taken a lot longer and there would have far more challenges to overcome. She made it as easy as it was ever going to be.”

Katrina Meikle, speaking to Scottish Dental Magazine in October 2017